Some of you may know my boyfriend Christian, and I recently moved into a new home in Los Angeles! We went from an apartment to a house, and boy does it make a HUGE difference when trying to decorate! There are so many rooms to fill, small moments to design and create! It can be VERY overwhelming...but fun! 

I decided to start my decorating journey in our living room! It is the first room you see when you walk in our home and I wanted to create the right vibe! I also wanted to make sure whatever living space I created also worked well with our existing furniture and decor.

I'm getting ready for the full design reveal of our living room... and I am just getting too excited I wanted to share with you a sneaky SNEAK PEAK! The look I am going after is a cozy, farmhouse, glam look.... if that makes any sense! But I'm pretty much mixing a few of my favourite styles and making it work!

Here are some sneak peak photos of our living room that I will soon be revealing!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

I CANNOT WAIT to show you guys the entire room reveal, look forward to a new YouTube video on the entire process! 

xoxo Kristen