My Favourite California Winery - Malibu Wine Safari!


If you have been following my social media for a while now, you know how many times I have spent lovely days at Malibu Wine Safari! This week, we made another trip there to spend the day on the winery! It is seriously the best place to go for amazing wine, beautiful views, and cute animals! ... animals?!... yes... keep reading :)


Now I know many of you are probably thinking.. what is so special about this winery!? Well.. let me just say that I think this winery nailed it in the concept department! Malibu Wines Safari mixed the adventure and joys of seeing and feeding animals all while tasting many different wines (hence the name "Malibu Wine Safari"). It is literally a safari through the Malibu mountains on 1100 acres of land! You pass through wedding venue areas, really cool antiques, grape vines, gorgeous look out spots... and of course animals! 

One animal in particular you can book a tour to see is Stanley (insta: @a_giraffe_named_stanley). Yes, Stanley is an 18ft giraffe who lives on the property, and is very very special! He's actually a famous giraffe that has grown up in the Hollywood scene staring in The Hangover Part 3, and doing many commercials for companies such as Verizon and Doritos. Anyways, he is a super friendly giraffe that you get the opportunity to get up close and personal, feed, pet, and take fun photos with! Definitely a highlight and an experience like no other!


Other than the zebras, lamas, horses and camel... my other favourite part is getting to see all the amazing antiques the owner has collected over the years and displayed on the property! From airstreams, to Volks Wagon vans, to old doors and carousels, there is always something beautiful and special to see! 

In between all the special finds we stopped at stunning locations to sip some wines! We tried three reds, and three whites! This was a great opportunity to discover new wines, their characteristics, and flavors! Also to finally figured out what "dry" wine means! haha... now I know! And in case you're wondering "dry" wine leaves a weird sticky dry feeling on your tongue. Maybe that should have been obvious...but I never knew. 

My favourite was the sweet riesling! So so good! (btw in the background of this photo below is a little wedding venue) .. cute right?!


I want to start sharing some of my favourite places in LA, just incase you are ever thinking about coming to California... I want to let you in on all the hidden gems :) This is for sure one of those special places hidden in the mountains! 

Anyways, It is always an amazing day coming to Malibu Wine Safari! Sunshine, views, animals & wine!! That's my kind of day!

Malibu Wine Safari


MY JOURNALING ROUTINE - The Five Minute Journal

To be honest... I've never really been one to keep diaries, write down my thoughts, or journal in general! But after hearing people rave about The Five-Minute Journal, I decided to pick one up for myself! Now I have the journal sitting on my bedside table everyday waiting for me to open it!

If you haven't heard of The Five-Minute Journal, its an extremely simple way of journaling by getting your thoughts, hopes, and goals out on a page for you to see. Most journals encourage you to write everyday, but this journal reminds you to return to it twice a day. Once in the morning before your day has started, to set your goals and positive hopes for the day. And once at night to reflect on the day and how you can make tomorrow better! The format will help start each day with positive intention and gratitude.

Before you begin your first day journaling, the first few pages remind you of the importance of consistency. Change in your mindset won't happen overnight, so the challenge begins with staying consistent with it for a minimum of 5 days! 

The Five Minute Journal -

The Five Minute Journal -

I have always heard how journaling is good for your soul, your heart, and your mind... I just didn't realize for myself how helpful it was to have everything laid out in front of me! I now look forward to writing my thoughts down! It almost feels like if I didn't write it... it didn't happen.

It's weird how everything is making us feel like that now, Snapchat & Instagram... now journaling! But this one is a positive thing!! 

I am not yet done my journal... I practically just started. But I wanted to share my journey with you and encourage you to pick up a journal of some kind! Sometimes it's hard to admit, but our minds are so crowded with thoughts, dreams, information, emotions... that we can't sort through it! (or maybe I am just talking about myself). But taking time in your day to reflect can have such a positive affect on your life! If we don't we just go through life not even thinking fully about what's happening! Don't get caught up in life and forget about your mind! 


Maybe you found this because you were thinking about trying The Five-Minute Journal or maybe just are now curious to try it out! But I encourage you do it! We can journal together :) 

Have you tried/heard of this journal?? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you! 

xoxo Kristen